Fans were treated to more than just an exciting girls soccer game in South Carolina last week.

The action got started as one player tripped another on their way to the ball.  The girl who was tripped immediately got to her feet and proceeded to beat the daylight out of the other girl.

The attack earned Annette McCullough a red card, and an assault charge after the game.  There are no reports on if she got to have orange slices and Capri-Sun afterward though.

The Internet, and community have exploded this into a racially charged issue since one girl is black and the other is white.  Most are completely ignoring the competitive level of girls soccer, and that frustration may have been a factor.

The thing that stands out the most, is how none of the victims teammates come to help her.  In fact, it takes a long time before anyone comes to stop her from turning into a punching bag!

Teen Girls Soccer Fight