The Flint City Bucks could not have asked for a better opening night at Atwood Stadium.

The weather was perfect, the fans were geeked, and the Bucks started their reign in Flint with a 1-0 win over Detroit City Football Club. Nearly 5,000 fans came to Atwood Stadium Saturday night, ready to welcome pro soccer back to Flint. The Bucks didn't disappoint either with an early goal in the first period, that would be all they needed to pick up the win.

I had never actually been to any soccer game higher than a high school game, so this was all new for me. After being at the game, it's easy to see how so many people become addicted to it.

Flint took on the Detroit City Football Club Saturday night, and Detroit knows how to do the whole fan thing. They have flags, drums, and an unending amount of songs to sing during the game. The Flint River Rats are fairly new to the fandom game, but we will get there.

With any good sporting event, the game is only part of the experience. The atmosphere of the arena needs to be great too. The Bucks have definitely captured that feeling inside of Atwood Stadium.

There is plenty of room to walk around and see the game from all angles, and some great merchandise too.


There are still plenty of games for you to check out, and I definitely recommend it. I am far from a soccer fan, but the games are entertaining, and the team is good.

The Flint City Bucks have definitely become another quality thing to do in Flint. Their next game is Saturday May 11th, and you can get tickets here.


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