The GM factory located in Flint was just hit with some major layoffs with a huge portion being permanent.

This couldn't have come at the worst time. The pandemic has already set record unemployment rates throughout the country and now GM has to lay off pretty much half its staff. 

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So far 161 workers have been laid off due to a semiconductor chip shortage. These chips play a critical role in GM's modern car lineup. Steve Dawes is the  UAW Region 1 Director and he spoke with Mid-Michigan in regards to the layoffs.

Dawes says the layoff affects half the Flint engine operation because the chip plays a large role in the production.

“A Chevy truck that’s built in Flint, Michigan takes about 150 microchips,” said Dawes. “They control a lot of electronics and computerized parts in the vehicle."


Nothing is more disheartening than losing your job to randomness. Especially a great job! I know a ton of UAW workers and they all live very comfortably, with that being said there aren't very many jobs in the area that can replace what GM brings to the table pay-wise. Hopefully, these semiconductor chips magically appear soon so we can keep what workers we have left in the Flint location.

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