GmacCash is using a story about people doing donuts on The Lodge as inspiration for another Detroit banger, but he's not the only one cashing in.

You probably remember GmacCash from his song brought on by the crazy Detroit winter called 'Snow'. If not, you can click on the story below and catch up with the rest of us.



This time Gmac is using a story that broke this week about The Lodge freeway being shut down while a group of Hellcats were doing donuts.

GmacCash is actually starting to make a name for himself with these timely Detroit flavored tracks, and we are not even mad at him. You can check out his YouTube channel here if you want to hear some more of his work.

GmacCash isn't the only one getting in on the action though. The guys at Detroit Vs Everybody are also up to speed with The Lodge.

I love it! The problem is that these are going to go fast and they're only available for 3 days and 13 hours. If you're lucky enough to grab one, make sure you post a pic of yourself in it on our Facebook page.

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