Governor Gretchen Whitmer is becoming a celebrity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I know celebrity might not be the best word to use here, but she is checking off all of the celebrity boxes. So far you can add a rap song, bobblehead and T-shirt line to the Governor Whitmer clout line.

Let's start with the rap song that was put together by Michigan-centric rapper GMAC Cash. GMAC is the man behind a bunch of Michigan themed tracks. You probably remember 'Snow', 'We On The Lodge Wit It', and 'On Strike'. Now GMAC is standing behind 'Big Gretch' as she is getting slammed by the political right. GMAC even takes a shot at Trump in the song, which is fitting considering that's where most of the attention on Gov. Whitmer started.

The nickname of Big Gretch has caught on throughout the state, and even lead to a Flint based company making 'Big Gretch' shirts. Randall Wilburn is a friend of mine, and he is the owner of Velocity Tees. He is the man behind the Big Gretch T-shirts that have started popping up.

The message is simple, "We got Big Gretch! The original Michigangster"

The best part about all of this is that Governor Whitmer is in on it all.

Finally, let's move on to the Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bobblehead. I think we can all agree that true fame only comes when someone can buy a bobblehead of you.

That's the level that Gov Whitmer is at now as you can see.

The bobblehead is being sold by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, and is raising money for a great cause.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum will be donating $5 from every Governor Bobblehead sold to the American Hospital Association's Protect the Heroes Campaign to support the 100 Million Mask Challenge.

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All of this fame has not come without it's downside though for Governor Whitmer. Aside from trying to lead our great state through the Coronavirus Pandemic, she is frequently the target of jabs by Trump. She has been the focus of many protests during the stay home order. She has also had to deal with rumors that she may be tapped by Joe Biden to run with him as his Vice President.

The thing that makes me love Gov. Whitmer so much is that through all of this, she is standing tall. She continues to face the challenges we are all facing today, and stand by what she feels will keep us all safe. Say whatever you want about her, but I STAND WITH BIG GRETCH!


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