A Goodrich elementary school student with Asperger Syndrome got stuck in his chair during class, and the teacher decided to record it on her cell phone.  This has sparked outrage in the district from parents.

So far the principal of the school has resigned, and the teacher, Nicole McVey, is fighting to keep her job.

In the video she asks the 10 year old how he got in to the chair, and if he can shimmy his way out.  Then for some reason, she asks the boy if he wanted to get tasered. The video ends when the principal can be heard saying that even though maintenance is aware of the issue, "It's not really an emergency in their book."

The boys parents are considering a lawsuit against the school, but the community has rallied around McVey saying that she should not lose her job.

ABC12 has the following reports below, including the actual video taken by McVey in the classroom.  Not many people had actually seen the video before they formed their opinion, but watching it may change their mind.

Do you think the teacher should remain employed?


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