One-time drunk drivers are finally getting a chance to clear their records and start life over again with a fresh start.

This is a beautiful moment to me, giving people who've made bad decisions in the past a chance at redemption is something that the justice system isn't known for. Usually, you're stuck with a DUI on your record until the day you die. But now this new piece of legislation will change all of that.

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Michigan legislators have voted to let an estimated 200,000 one-time drunken drivers seek to set aside their conviction, finalizing expungement bills that will be signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.


To be eligible, they could have only one offense and it could not have caused another person’s death or injury. They would have to wait at least five years after their probationary term to apply. A judge would review any request and made a decision.

The terms seem very reasonable. I agree that if no one was hurt when you were caught driving drunk then you should be given a chance to expunge it from your record. The five-year wait gives this a more serious feel to it. Anybody that can wait five years to clear their record and is actively staying out of trouble, deserves it.

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