Does it finally feel like we're making a little bit of progress here in Michigan? Sure, the last couple of months have been grueling and there's been a lot of mudslinging from those who support Governor Gretchen Whitmer's Stay-Home-Stay-Safe Executive Orders and those who oppose it, but -- to me anyway -- the announcement that bars and restaurants in Michigan's northern sections will be allowed to reopen at a limited capacity indicates that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's like the first signs of spring after a long, snowy winter.

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Governor Whitmer appeared on the 'Today' show to explain the philosophy behind reopening Michigan's economy in phases, rather than all at once.

"I worked with a coalition of public health experts and business leaders and we assessed risks inherent to sectors of our economy and different parts of our state," Whitmer explained. "When you look at Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the northern part of the lower peninsula, you can see that our numbers are low and we feel like we can take another step."

Whitmer went on to explain that she is counting on leaders and business owners in those areas that reopen to "get it right," meaning that social distancing must be enforced and business owners are vigilant about crowd control.

She also reiterated that Michigan needs to be prepared to take a step backward if the number of cases of coronavirus increases after each phase is implemented.

"We have to be nimble in this moment and it's not easy, there's a lot of stress and anxiety, but we owe it to one another to do our part and to continue to do this right."

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