It's always something.

I think it is a safe guess that most of us have received at least one robo call, telling us that someone we know is in jail, and we need to send money. I get at least one of these calls a month. There are also bogus calls that indicate you will go to jail, if you don't send money too.

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I know these types of calls are not real because we have been warned about these calls for quite sometime now. Also the fact that it is a robot voice leaving the message, plus most of these types of calls come from an out of state phone number. All good indicators that it is total BS.

That being said, some of these scammers are getting better. The Grand Blanc Police Department is warning people about calls coming in from what appear to be local police stations. Don't believe the hype - and certainly don't send money or give out your credit card information. I feel like it goes without saying, but believe it or not - these clowns actually get money from people. Especially the elderly.

According to ABC 12, in this particular scam, you are told there is a warrant for your arrest, you are then instructed to send money - or someone will come to your house and arrest you. Even if you are in trouble with the law for some reason - a call like this would never happen.

If you do get a call, hang up. My rule of thumb is to also never say the word 'yes' during what I think may be a fake call. Save yourself any hassle and don't answer any numbers you don't know. Even if a number is local - I wait for a message. Doesn't everyone you actually text anyways these days?

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