You don't have to drive to Pennsylvania to see an epic Halloween light show. (Although this man's light show is definitely boo-tiful.)

Grand Blanc Township resident Kevin Rickard has a full-blown Halloween display, complete with music and lights, that creeps it real, and it's right here at home.

"Everyone's got to have a hobby, and for some reason, I like making lights blink and flash," Rickard tells WEYI with a laugh. "It's fun for me to make the lights any color I want, to make them dance to music. People love it."

Rickard's display lights up the streets of Grand Blanc every night from 7:30 to 10. The light show is synchronized to a music track which is broadcast at 87.9 FM if you're near the display.

The home is located at 11216 Stonybrook Dr. in Grand Blanc.

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