I have literally driven past this home for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Grand Blanc it was that "cool' house everyone was curious about. What did it look like inside? What would it be like to live there?

I'm talking about the stylish modern home on Perry Road known as Mintor Manor. For years the retro vibe dwelling was as popular as the Auker mansion that was just around the corner. Both homes were some of Grand Blancs most talked about. As the years went by, the house lost a bit of its luster until someone stepped in the brought all the magic back.

Now on the market, the listing describes the home as a "Art Deco property in the heart of Grand Blanc... a stunning custom built 1930's Hollywood style 'wedding cake' home". The home offers just over 5000 square feet of living space and has 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, and 2.49 acres of frontage on the Thread Creek. The sprawling house has everything you need for entertaining including a ballroom and theater space in the lower level.

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Buyers will enjoy a home filled with many updates including the kitchen, but for me it's all about the decor. The listing is providing a glimpse into days gone by with a little flashback preview of it's chic interior designs.  Finally, all the drive-by gawkers can cure their curiousity of what lies behind the walls.

In case you may be wondering, or are in the market for a unique one of kind place to call home....the asking price is $599,900.  Jennifer Lasco, owner of Lasco Real Estate Group said, "We have had a few people interested already, but no one has made an offer yet." To make your offer or for more details you can contact the listing agent at the Lasco Real Estate Group.

The Mintor Manor : 5369 Perry Road


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