I hope your livers are ready because St. Paddy's Day weekend is upon us.

If you are heading out to a party or just staying in, here are a lot of great drinks you can try to celebrate the holiday. To get the party started, try some of these quick and easy shots.

Shamrock Shooter:

  • Creme de Menthe, condensed milk, and white chocolate liqueur.
  • All ingredients are shaken with ice and served in sugar rimmed shot glass with whipped cream.

Irish Pride:

  • Creme de Menthe, Irish Cream, and Brandy.
  • All ingredients layered in a shot glass.

Baby Guinness

  • Coffee Liqueur and Irish Cream.
  • Layered in shot glass to look like a Guinness

Irish Coffee Shooter:

  • Irish whiskey, vanilla syrup, and coffee.
  • Mix all ingredients and top with whipped cream.

There are several more drinks in this video that have a lot of steps to them, but you have all weekend to give them a shot. Happy St. Paddy's Day! We will see you Sunday morning that the Flint Farmers Market for St. Paddy's Day Kegs 'n Eggs!

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