We all know the drill, if a particular moment is not posted on some social media platform, it never happened. Okay, that is obviously not true, but a majority of us live like it is.

I think it makes perfect sense that telling your followers (or anyone else who can see your post) that you are leaving your home is not the best idea. Think about it - how many social media posts have you read where someone gives the exact itinerary of their trip? Right down to the dates and or times they will leave and return. That is a recipe for disaster.

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Why don't you just leave your door unlocked and roll out a red carpet for burglars? Yes, that is dramatic I know. No one thinks something like this will happen to them. I bet that is what a family in Sterling Heights thought too. According to Click on Detroit, the Michigan residents posted on social media that they were at a wedding. That same night their home was broken into. What the robber did not know was that there was a babysitter in the home with kids. Luckily, the babysitter was able to call the police and keep everyone safe. As for the robbers, one was caught and the other is still at large at this time.

If you have been posting everything about your travels or posting pictures of big-ticket items you have purchased for your home, stop. Most people think you are just bragging anyway. Don't even get me going on pictures of kids. I would not do that either. Am I paranoid? No - I am just sick of seeing pictures of your kid's first day of school and last day of school pics. Just kidding (kind of).

All joking aside, think about what you are posting and when. The best practice is to share your vacation pictures and or out-of-town pictures after the fact. Even better, have someone stay at your home. Call Chris Monroe - he would love to house sit for you.

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