Whaley Children's Center kicked off the Whaley Double Dare this week, and it's a chance for me to live out a child hood dream.

I should make it clear that me getting to live out my dream of getting slimed, Double Dare Style, is secondary. The main reason for the Whaley Double Dare is to raise as much money as possible to help support the kids living at Whaley Children's Center.

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2 things I need to point out here.

  1. Any donation that you can make is appreciated more than you know. If you can't donate, that's ok! You can still help by sharing the donation page to friends and family.
  2. I don't still have that sweet satin Pistons jacket, but if I did I would still be wearing it today (I think it's back in style now).

Why should you donate to the Whaley Double Dare?

Whaley Children's Center is a full time care center for kids who have been through a traumatic situation at home, and need to be removed from the home for their own safety. The kids live at Whaley, as they get counseling and mentoring that helps them recover from the trauma. The staff at Whaley pours everything they have into bringing joy into the kids lives.

Whaley is a non profit organization and they rely on donations to take care of the kids. Whaley provides everything for the kids from basic essentials like food and clothing to counseling and life skills. Whaley truly is "home" for the kids, and the entire staff makes it feel as much like home as they can.

Tell me more about this Double Dare Slime.

First of all, there is no guarantee that I will be getting slimed when the Whaley Double Dare is completed. Only one person will get slimed, and it's the volunteer who raises the most money during the 10 day Double Dare.

The good news is that it is legit slime from Double Dare. Whaley partnered with the company that makes the slime, and they will be providing slime for the end celebration.

How can I donate?

Donating is extremely easy, and there is no minimum donation. Every penny adds up, and is greatly appreciated. If you don't have the means to donate, you can still help by sharing the donation page on social media to help spread the word. Click on the donation button below to make a donation on Facebook. If you are unable to donate on Facebook, just email me clay.church@townsquaremedia.com and I can help you out.


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