Beats X Beers took over the Capitol Theatre last Saturday and it showed just how the amazing people and talent of Flint can come together for one epic night!

First off, huge shout out to Brandon Corder for putting this event together. This was really a huge test. A test that the city passed with flying colors. Flint is no stranger to controversy, with the water crisis being the only nation wide exposure the city has gotten in years, it's hard for outsiders to think of Flint in a positive light.

With Beats X Beers I think we're moving the needle in the right direction. The city showed up and showed out! Huge shout out to the talent involved. We had great local talent ranging from Jeff Skigh, Velly Beretta, This Life. We Lead, Flint't Finest The Third, Ashlei, and Wale being the cherry on top. Here's to more huge event's coming to Flint in 2019. Let it be known, Flint is on the bounce back!

Jeff Skigh


This Life. We Lead.

Velly Beretta

Flint's Finest The Third


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