The first ever 8-1-Show For Miracles benefiting Hurley Children's Hospital happens tonight, and here are all the ways you can be a part of it.

If you've live in or around Genesee County you already know what a big part of the community Hurley Children's Hospital is. I would guess that everyone reading this has either utilized their amazing facilities, or knows someone who has. We are truly lucky to have Hurley in Flint because they do help make miracles for so many families.

With the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on health systems everywhere, Hurley Children's Hospital has had to work even harder to keep their children safe.

We had planned on doing a radiothon fundraiser for Hurley Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network earlier this year, but that obviously had to be cancelled. With help from Flint's most talented artists, we found a way that we can help Hurley.

The 8-1-Show For Miracles is a virtual concert featuring these great performers, and a few miracle families from Hurley. We are teaming up to raise as much money for Hurley Children's Hospital as we can, all while putting on a dope show. The best part is that all of the money raised stays here in Flint to help the kids at Hurley now, and those that will be coming in the near future.

I have to say thank you to the talented artists donating their time to help Hurley. You'll see performances by Sway Montoya, Jeff Skigh, This Life. We Lead., ZIP, and Jon Connor. Thank you to Peter McFray for working hard to make the concert possible. You will also hear stories from miracle families that are alive today because of Hurley Children's Hospital.

The concert starts at 6pm and there are many different ways you can watch and participate. Below are links to where you will be able to watch the show.

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I want to say thank you in advance for anything that you can do. I know that we are all struggling right now with the pandemic, and all of the divisions happening in our country right now.

No matter what is going on in our country though, nothing will change the fact that there are kids at Hurley Children's Hospital right now fighting for their lives. Their families are doing everything they can to try and stay positive. The staff is working relentlessly to keep them healthy. With so many uncertainties going on in the world, one thing you can count on is that your help will go a long way in saving a child's life in Flint.

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