Facebook announced last week that nearly 30 Million accounts were compromised, but how do you know if you were one of the millions affected?

Facebook is making an effort to be more transparent so that users can feel more secure about sharing every mundane detail of their life online. Part of this is helping people find information about their account with the Help Center.

If there is an account using one of your pictures sending friend requests to all of your current friends, guess what . . . you were hacked. The problem is that it's not always that obvious, and you may never know if your information was taken.

In the most recent hack, information such as phone numbers, email addresses, recent searches, locations, birthdays and a host of other personal information were taken. That could lead to some serious identity theft issues if the information were given to the wrong people.

Facebook helps you to find out if you were part of the hack in the Help Center. Click on the button below while logged into Facebook on a different tab, and it will automatically let you know if your account was at risk. 

There are a ton of security settings you can enable while you are in the help menu that will help make your account more secure in the future.

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