Mitchell is the team manager for his High School basketball team, and his love for the game shines brighter than anyone could imagine.  Mitchell has a mental disability, but his dedication to the sport, and his El Paso team are rewarded in an unexpected way.

Mitchell's first love is basketball and it always has been.  The coach of his high school team considers him as an important part as any player or coach that they have, and showed it at the last home game.

The coach dressed Mitchell for the game, and vowed to play him at the end regardless of the score.

We were prepared to lose that game for his (Mitchell) moment in time.

With time running out and his team up only ten points, Mitchell checked into the game for his first ever time in a varsity game.  The storybook was interrupted though as Mitchell failed to make a shot.  When his team had missed their final possession, the crowd lost hope for Mitchell to make a basket.

That's when something unexpected happened . . . something amazing . . . something that proved once again that there are moments bigger than the final score.

Thank you to everyone involved in this story for showing us what's most important.