It's rare that the final score of a High School basketball game is not the most important highlight. Thanks to Tristan Heinz and Swartz Creek, that's exactly what happened Friday night.

Tristan has been a dedicated team manager in Swartz Creek all year, and is as much of the team as any one of their players.  Tristan also lives with a rare dwarfism condition that has severely stunted his growth.

It was Senior night in Swartz Creek and Kearsley was in town for a big game.  Creek's coaches and players knew that it was an important game, but they also knew that helping their teammate Tristan was the most important thing they could do.

Tristan wore a modified number 10 jersey and was announced in the starting lineup to a packed Creek gym.  Shortly after the tip, it was Tristan's time to shine.

He received the pass inside the key and on his third attempt, scored his first career high school basket.  No words can describe the emotions that overcame the gym that night, as players, fans and coaches stood up to applaud this young man.

Salute to Swartz Creek and Kearsley for realizing that some things are bigger than the game.



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