We're coming to the end of the senior prom season and everyone is not walking away happy.  During what is considered a rite of passage for graduating seniors, can easily turn out to be a bad memory.  A high school senior was blocked from attending prom due to her large breasts.

Britanny Minder showed up to prom and was met with resistance due to her chest size battled against the school dress code for prom.  Dressed elegantly with a strapless gown made for larger bust women, school official gave this senior a hard time due to her visible cleavage.

Minder's parents are disappointed by the school for singling their daughter out because of her physical characteristics. The embarrassed senior only stayed at the prom for about an hour and left after her self esteem was damaged.  She was able to stay after teachers tried to cover up her chest.

Do you think the school was justified by trying to ruin Britanny Minder's prom because of her large breasts?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

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