Over the weekend teens from Grand Blanc High School attended prom.  Several of the Grand Blanc Students were kicked out of prom after 'inappropriate dancing.'  There has been a dancing ban in place by school officials to prevent outrageous dance moves but things escalated to the point that about 30 students were asked the leave.

This year, Grand Blanc High School prom was at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center off Hill Road.  Students were asked to only have face to face dancing for the evening.  With over 600 students in attendance, the student who violated the dancing policy were asked to leave with only 45 minutes left of prom.

GBHS had issues this past year's Homecoming celebration were students were kicked out as well.  At prom, students were given a wristband.  After warnings, the wristband was removed which would lead for students to have to leave prom.  GBHS Principal told MLive,

"It went much better (than Homecoming)," Hammond said. "They still had a good time. The dancing was so much better than it was a year ago."

Students were not happy about being kicked out of prom due to prom being expensive.

"Tuxedo, $190. Dinner, $80. Prom tickets, $60. Grinding, priceless," Edwards said.

One senior at GBHS, Diana Munoz,  went on record against the 'inappropriate' dancing which lead to students being asked to leave prom.

"It's just dumb to us," Munoz said on Friday. "It can be kind of gross or bad, but it's just how kids dance."

I think Grand Blanc High School should let up on the students a little. I understand the inappropriate dancing is not a good look for the school's image but let kids be kids.  It is only for a couple of hours not everyday in class or lunch period.


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