In the case that they are dressed inappropriately, the school has another option.

Divine Child High School in Dearborn already has a pretty detailed dress code for their students for prom, which the students AND their parents are required to sign. But they're putting out an extra precautionary measure - modesty ponchos.

The ponchos are on display at the school with a sign that reads, "If your dress does not meet our Formal Dance Dress Requirements - no problem! We've got you covered - literally. This is our Modesty Poncho, which you'll be given at the door," and it ends with a smiley face.

Several students have already said that they're now worried about their dresses and are looking for new ones.

I understand that some dresses are inappropriate for prom, but the whole thing is so sexist. Boys never have these problems. Okay, that's my rant and I'm done.