Pusha T has been a vocal supporter for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He even launched a line of T-shirts featuring Hillary’s infamous “Delete Your Account” quote.

Apparently, folks on Twitter didn’t get the memo, which is probably why Hillary Clinton’s tweet sent shockwaves across social media. The tweet in question is a voter registration contest urging people to register and win a chance to meet Pusha T.

Reactions to the tweet were varied. Most of the criticisms were aimed at Hillary Clinton for her infamous 1996 speech where he called young black males "super predators." Others wondered how a rapper who raps about his past drug activities can now be assisting in a presidential campaign.

"So pusha T is being used as a pawn by an old white racist lady to get black ppl to vote wow," wrote one person. Another follower commented, "As a Pusha T fan, it's the joke of the year that a rapper with heavy drug content is part of any presidential campaign."

One person sarcastically tweeted, "I lived long enough to see a presidential candidate tweet a Pusha T meet & greet flyer. What a time to be alive."

In a July interview, Pusha T, whose real name is Terrence Thornton, said that he's lending her support for Hillary because he thinks she will help fix the mass incarceration issue.

“I think I’mma rock with Hilary. I’m rocking with Hilary,” he says. “You know there’s a mass incarceration issue that she has really honed in on. She’s honed in on it, of course Obama has been honing in on it. [Bill Clinton has] come out and said it was flawed and I think shes gonna do her best to try to fix that. You know, that sorta hits close to home for me.”

Read some of the Twitter reactions below.

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