Today I panicked because I accidentally started putting gas in my car without a glove on, I cannot even imagine how hard I would freak if a stranger wiped his nose on me.

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The Holly Police Department is hoping someone recognizes the man in the video below. This past Saturday, May 2nd, the man walked into the Dollar Tree on North Saginaw Street in Holly. An employee reportedly told the unidentified man, that all customers must wear masks inside of the store. What he did next is inexcusable. The man approached the employee, and wiped his nose on her shirt. According to Holly Police, he said he would use the employees shirt as a mask. Ugh.

In case you are wondering, there is a sign on the door to notify customers they must be wearing a mask. I have no problem at all wearing a mask, I have been wearing one in public for quite sometime now. If you don't have a mask - click here to learn how to make one at home out of paper towels and rubber bands.

If you recognize this man, or have any information that could help police, please call (248) 634-8221.

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