There are still good people in the world and a homeless man proves that by refunding a Best Buy employee his backpack full of money.  This act of kindness is rare and deserves some attention. 

A homeless man in Boston, Massachusetts found a backpack full of cash and traveler's checks.  The total lump sum of money in the bag is around $40,000.  The good-willed man delivered the bag to the cops while in front of TJ Maxx store and was only able to give them his name & address to the shelter he was residing at.

Later in the evening the Best Buy employee contacted the police to inform them he lost his backpack.  The Boston police handed over the bag after matching the identification of the employee to the passport located inside the backpack.

I am scratching my heads on this one. How did you lose a backpack filled with $40k?  Next, why are you taking that much money to work?  I really think this employee was saved by this good Samaritan who turned the bag in and should reward him.

Think about how the money could have turned his life around.  I am positive I would have turned the money into the police despite the lucrative opportunity to keep the bag.  I want to hear from you, would you have turned the money into the police?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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