This kid is so lucky he chose this guys couch to pass out drunk on. Anyone else would of either called the cops or held a gun to his face. You can't pull this kind of nonsense in Flint!

There's three kinds of drunk people...

1. People who get drunk and want to hug everyone

2. People who get drunk and want to fight everyone

3. People who get drunk and don't remember a damn thing from the night before

This kid falls under #3. Supposedly this kid passed out on the couch because he used to live there. Luckily, the homeowner who caught this kid sleeping on his couch was nice enough to wake up the sloshed idiot, show him where the door is, and even offered him some cash.

My question is, how do you even get this drunk? I've been pretty plastered before, but never drunk enough to where I end up on some strangers couch. I'm guessing he probably just got so drunk that he thought he still lived there, and just walked inside and passed out. This guy really needs to be thankful that he didn't pull this move in Flint, because I don't think it would of ended so kindly.


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