A special Flint City Council meeting turned into chaos as they worked to figure out what to do with $6 Million in a water reserve fund.

The money was intended to be used for pipe replacement in the city, but now the Flint City Council is asking Governor Snyder to let them use it differently.

The discussion turned heated as Mayor Weaver and the city council argued about what to do with the money. Weaver wants to put the money into water credits that would be available to Flint residents to help with unpaid water bills.

There were other ideas thrown out during the meeting according to WNEM, but none of them really matter yet. Until Governor Snyder agrees to give Flint control of the money, city officials won't have any say about what to do with it.

What do you think is the best use for the $6 Million?

  • Water pipe replacement?
  • Water and sewer bill assistance?
  • Funding of water distribution sites in Flint?

Or is there some other idea that hasn't been put forward yet that will help get the most out of the money?


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