Adam Patch is a animator by trade, but he is also a pretty good husband.  He proved that by turning a drunken joke from his wife into the funniest video you'll watch all day.

The back story is that Adam's wife drank an entire bottle of wine and wanted to tell him a joke afterward.  He recorded the audio of his wife's tortilla joke (which we have all heard at some point in time) and then brought it to life.

Tim Ferris from Uproxx first posted this as an example of what real love is saying,

I have discovered the definitive standard measurement for love, and it is this: 1) recording your drunk-on-wine significant other drunkenly tell a corny joke and 2) cleverly animating that joke for all the world to see and hear on the internet.

Tim is joking, but he is actually dead on!  The best relationships are the ones that find funny, love, interesting and creative in mundane every day life.

"Two Chips" / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.