Businesses across the state of Michigan are doing everything they can to come up with all kinds of unique incentives to hire people. Some are offering incentives to simply come in for an interview and that includes Frankenmuth's Bavarian Inn.

According to MLive, The iconic restaurant in Michigan’s Little Bavaria is hosting a hiring event and will offer its famous chicken dinner to the first 50 people interviewed.

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When is the hiring event?

The hiring event will take place this Tuesday, August 24 from 1 pm to 5 pm. The Bavarian Inn is located at 713 S. Main S in Frankenmuth.

Martha Zehnder Kaczynski, vice president/fourth-generation owner:

The free meals, the chicken dinners, we’ve actually been doing that all summer. We started that in June for the first 50 people that interviewed, and it’s just kind of an extra way to say ‘thank you for coming’ and something that’s sort of fun to set us apart from the other job fairs and interviewers out there.

Bavarian Inn has more than 100 openings at its restaurant, lodge, and retail stores. Some of the openings include:

  • Water Slide Attendant - Bavarian Inn Lodge
  • Tour & Travel Coordinator - Bavarian Inn Lodge
  • Shuttle Bus Driver - Bavarian Inn Restaurant
  • Server - Bavarian Inn Lodge
  • Sales Consultant - Bavarian Inn Lodge
  • Maintenance/Grounds Worker - Bavarian Inn Lodge
  • Multiple retail sales positions - Bavarian Inn Restaurant
  • Human Resources Employment Specialist - Bavarian Inn Lodge

See the complete list of openings on the Bavarian Inn website.

How much do they pay?

The average starting pay ranges from $12.50 to $14 an hour.

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