Burgers and Brews is just around the corner, and it's time that you met the future champion.

I was lucky enough to team up with Table & Tap in Downtown Flint to create one of the greatest burgers on god's green earth.

The 9lb 8oz Sweet Baby Cheezus Burger is everything that other burgers want to be when they grow up.  Let's run down the ingredients on this masterpiece.

  • A blessed burger patty seasoned & grilled to perfection
  • 3 different varieties of cheese
  • Bacon (obviously)
  • Double dipped, seasoned onion rings
  • Pulled Pork with Table & Tap's signature BBQ Sauce
  • Non GMO, Gluten free, All natural organic lettuce (to satisfy your healthy side)

If you need any more convincing, there are many unconfirmed rumors around the burger.

Some say that this burger helped Daniel get out the lions den.  Others claim that this burger helped Gilligan get off the island.  I'm not sure about any of that, but I do know one thing . . .


The best way for you to find out is to join me out at Burgers and Brews on Thursday, June 29th.  We'll get started at 5pm in Buckham Alley next to the Rutherford Parking Garage.  You can get all of the information on the event page right here.

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