Burgers and Brews is coming at the end of June, so I hooked up with Wella's Kitchen to create a masterpiece.

The drive to Saginaw is well worth it when Wella's Kitchen is going to be one of the stops. They've only been set up for just over a month, but the news about how good the food is has spread fast.

When we met them in Downtown Saginaw, they were swamped with people walking from work to grab lunch. Gilbert and the crew at Wella's have also been heading to as many outdoor festivals as possible this summer.

We talked to Gilbert about how this all came to be, and he explained that most of the inspiration came from his Grandma. He said that as kids they had trouble pronouncing Abuela so they just said "Wella." When it came time to name his food cart, it only made sense that he honored her.

The Quesadilla Burger is a fairly new menu item, but I think it's going to become a favorite after Burgers and Brews.

You can catch up with Wella's Kitchen on Facebook here or make sure to check them out at Burgers and Brews 2018 on June 29th.

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