I can't believe that in 2013 the State of Iowa still allow women to be fired because they're too beautiful.  Yes, this is really true and unfortunate for the lovely ladies who have jobs in Iowa. 

Melissa Nelson, 33 year-old dental assistant, was fired from her job by Dr. James Knight because she was too tempting to keep in the office.  Dr. Knight had to be uber attracted to Nelson because why else would you let a woman go and she's fine as wine.

A couple of month's ago the Supreme Court ruled employers can fired employee if they're too attractive.  The ruling protects employers that let people go even if they do not engage in any unwarranted behavior. Nelson tried to appeal the decision but was not successful.

The court's decision ruled to protect marriages that could be affected by work relationships. The marriages of the employees are held higher in the court's eyes which allow people to legally fired because they could cause jealously at home.

Ladies sound off, do you think the Supreme Court is trying to protect marriages? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.