Is it illegal to drive in Michigan with your dome light on? That really sounds like a silly question. However, it's another Michigan myth that's been around for years.

Back in the day when many of us were learning how to drive, our parents would always tell us to never turn the dome light on while we were driving because we'd get pulled over and get a ticket. In other words, it was against the law to drive with your dome light on.

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Is it Illegal to Drive With Your Dome Light On?

The quick and simple answer is no. It's not illegal to drive at night with your dome lights on. However, there is still a chance you could get pulled over for having it on.

It may be considered distracted driving/careless driving if you have your dome light on while driving and an officer sees you trying to do something that requires the light to be on. Like if you're rummaging around looking for something and not paying attention to the road, you could get pulled over.

So, technically you're not getting pulled over for having the dome light on. You're getting pulled over and possibly ticketed because you're doing something you shouldn't be doing with the light on. Make sense?

Honestly, you shouldn't be driving around with your dome light on anyway as it's not safe.

Why is it Unsafe to Drive With Your Dome Light On?

According to Policygenius, driving with your interior lights on can make it difficult to see on the road, and the light may reflect against your windshield. I hate driving with interior light for that exact reason...I can't see.

I'm not sure when or how this rumor got started but it's been around for a long time.

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