Michigan is home to more than a couple of creatures that can hurt or kill you.

In the grand scheme of things, Michigan is not that bad when it comes to animals that want to kill or hurt you. You don't have to shake out your shoes looking for spiders or scorpions. You're never going to be attacked by an alligator and so on. So it's really not that bad.

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However, just because those creatures listed above won't be bothering you, doesn't mean that you are in the clear. There are a few critters in Michigan that can give you a really bad day or even kill you. Below, we have eight listed for you that you're going to want to try to avoid.

Unfortunately, a few of these jerks are impossible to hide from. Ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes are everywhere and we can't avoid them. On the flip side though, you can take certain precautions to limit the likely hood of you running into a bear or wolf.

The one on the list that terrifies me the most would have to be the brown recluse spider. I spent a few years living in Mississippi when I was growing up and those gnarly little monsters were everywhere. They can do some damage to your skin and body as well.

Thankfully, Michigan is home to only one venomous snake. That is one more than I would like, but all things considered, I can handle just one. Check out the list below to see what else might kill or hurt you in Michigan.

Source: Wildlife Informer

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