Rumors are circulating that the new Hamady Complete Food Center in Flint will close their doors for good this week.

Flint Beat is reporting that employees at Hamady will officially close by Wednesday, November 7th. Jim McColgan, the owner of the Hamady store, is planning on holding a press conference on Wednesday.

The rumors have been running on Facebook, especially since the new Hamady store helped to boost other businesses. Beverly's Soul Food shares an entrance with Hamady, and they even addressed the potential closing on Facebook.

So why is Hamady closing already? It should be noted that Hamady has taken down their Facebook page, but their website is still up and running.

They had a ton of issues that delayed the grand opening, but when the store finally did open, it was a great thing for the community. Pierson Rd had become a food desert after Meijer and Kroger both closed.

Hamady opening up seemed to be just the right mix of nostalgia and need. There are no solid reasons yet, but Flint Beat is saying that a lack of community support might be the reason.

No matter what the reason is, the closing will put many Flint residents back in a tough situation. Battling health issues is extremely difficult when there is no source of fresh fruits and vegetables near by.

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