Nike unveiled their new "Statement Edition" uniforms this week featuring the Jumpman Logo, but it's not going over well in Detroit.

Nike announced that the new alternate jerseys would feature the Jordan Jumpman logo on the jersey and shorts for every NBA team. I think they meant to say that it would be featured on every NBA uniform EXCEPT THE PISTONS! 

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I know I might be acting a little petty here, but as a life long Pistons fan, this is not OK.

I don't know if anyone understands how hard it is to see Jordan's logo on a Pistons uniform. I think the only other group that might understand it is an early 90's Cavs fan.

This might seem like crazy talk to a younger NBA fan, but you need to understand the NBA we grew up watching. An NBA where players genuinely hated each other, and were not scared to play rough on the court.

There was no bigger rivalry in the NBA than the Pistons and Bulls, and Jordan was at the center of it all. I even had a hard time watching the stupid Michael Jordan documentary that just aired.

I'm not dumb, I know Jordan is the GOAT. I also know that I'm not the only Pistons fan that is not happy about our team wearing that logo on the jersey. The reacting on Twitter was fast and severe, with one fan even suggesting that we go back to the horrendous teal uniforms.

A few fans even suggested a redo on the current Jumpan jersey.

And some just let the facts pour out of their broken heart.

So you've read this far and you still don't agree? You think I'm just being petty? You say ,"It's just a logo, get over it!"


Sorry, I'm still a little bitter.


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