Isiah Thomas is a Pistons legend, but he might not be back on TNT after dropping a cuss word on live TV.

Zeke has been great when he shows up on the 'Players Only' show that TNT features.  The last time he showed up, he did a phenomenal job of breaking down how his Pistons would have handled Golden State.


This time he was working with Baron Davis, explaining a few tricks that made him such a good defender.  When Davis pretended to shoot the ball, Isiah must have forgotten that they were on live TV.

Seriously though, this is just more reason to love Isiah if you ask me.  He is such a competitor that he even loses himself when he's just doing a walk through demonstration.

Plus, I don't think TNT really cares all that much about commentators swearing on TV, just ask Barkley.

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