Ladies and germs, it's time to carbo-load!

If you're in the mood for some pasta and wine, you can finally head on over to the brand new Italia Gardens in Grand Blanc. The restaurant, which is the third of its kind in Genesee County, opens up for business today at 11 AM.

I'm totally biased, but here's my favorite part - they're building a patio that will be open next year...and it's DOG-FRIENDLY. If it's always been your dream to Lady and the Tramp some spaghetti with your pup, here's your chance. It'll be the first dog-friendly eatery in Grand Blanc.

The bar is made out of a tree that was cut down at Warwick Hills between the 12th and 13th hole. And that brightly-colored painting? Shipped from Italy and painted by a woman from the owner's grandparents' hometown. It shows the journey from Sicily to Brooklyn, to Flint and now Grand Blanc.

Congrats, Anne and Don Haley! Can't wait to fill my tummy with lasagna!

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