Seeing the Detroit Lions take a historic loss in the NFC National Champion to the San Fransisco 49ers after a 17 point lead at halftime, feels like someone used salt instead of sugar in our koolaid.

Credit: Getty / Canva
Credit: Getty / Canva

Around Michigan, Lions fans are mourning the loss of this season as we got dangerously close to kissing the Super Bowl in their own ways. Some of us are making jokes, while others are choosing violence against anyone who they thought got in the way of the win.

5 ways Detroit Lions fans are coping with last night's loss

There are many ways to cope with a loss like the one that the Detroit Lions experienced last night... some of us are a little angry like Eminem was at the start of the game when the 49ers came out of the tunnel...

@betr SLIM SHADY AINT PLAYING #nfl #eminem #lions #49ers #sports ♬ original sound - Betr





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Or maybe you're the spouse of a fan, and you're just trying to be there for them like this tiktok user:

@savannahjromero Im a vikings fan… but if hes upset about his team losing then so am I #lions #detroitlions #football #bf #couplecomedy #footballfan #loss #nfl #nflplayoffs #fypシ ♬ original sound - ️✡︎︎︎

Others are choosing to be thankful for the season we had, even if it was cut too short right before the Super Bowl




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Or maybe you can be like this Southwest Michigan radio station who is pointing the fingers at the real obvious culprit, the band that snubbed Detroit during the halftime show:

Or maybe you're just finding a way to cheer on Taylor Swift's boyfriends team instead...

No matter how you're coping this morning, please know you're not alone. Let the memes flow, because we all know laughter is the greatest cure for a heartbreaking playoffs loss.




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Maybe next time it won't take us as long to make it to the NFC Championship...

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