A video from a recent concert at the Fox Theater in Detroit has people talking after the balcony started shaking when fans jumped up and down during the performance.

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On Monday night Rapper Gunna was performing his hit song umean to a packed house at the nearly 5,000 seat Fox Theater.

The excited fans were jumping around and having such a  great time that the balcony started to shake up and down as you can see from the video posted below.

Many people including myself were concerned seeing this and thought that something bad could happened, but a statement issued on Tuesday by Ilitch Sports + Entertainment helped explain what was going on.

The type of movement seen at the recent Fox Theatre concert is common and expected on free-standing balcony structures, to support audience members actively dancing, as shown during last night’s concert. This capability is an integral part of the balcony’s structural engineering design. Regular inspections, most recently conducted in April, are completed to ensure the integrity and safety of the structure.


After doing some digging online I found several other concerts showing fans jumping up and down as the balcony shook.

These videos show the crowd having a great time at a Jonas Brothers show back in 2010.

Nick Jonas even addressed the shaking balcony from his view on stage.

The other video below is from 2012 when Big Time Rush performed at the Fox Theater.

Even if it's normal for the balcony to move, there's know way in hell I would ever feel comfortable sitting in or below the balcony.

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