I'm a big guy that loves to eat.

I'm fine with grabbing something cheap like a Hot N Ready from Little Ceasers.


But sometimes you want to go out for a nice meal.

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Last year, my wife Lindsey went out for an incredible dinner at The Chop House.

Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM
Credit: Big Joe Pesh via Facebook

We were celebrating our anniversary and my wife's new job.

The food was absolutely incredible, but the inside was dark and I didn't want to be that guy in a fancy restaurant blinding everyone near me with the flash so you'll have to trust me on good everything was.

Our bill with food, drinks, and tip was a little over $300 or about 50 Hot N Ready pizzas.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

That's a lot of money for me and my wife but it's not the most expensive restaurant in Michigan.

The Most Expensive Restaurant In Michigan Will Break The Bank

If you're going to "Treat Yo Self" this might be the place to check out.

According to Love Food, they scoured the country for the most expensive restaurant in every state, based on the priciest main course and excluding places that only offer prix fixe or tasting menus.

So what is Michigan's most expensive restaurant?

Prime and Proper in Detroit were chosen as Michigan's most expensive restaurant.

A 6oz Wagyu strip steak cost $185

The porterhouse is a bit cheaper costing $155

Not trying to take out a second mortgage? Prime and Proper have a variety of wood-fired meats, raw bar specialties, burgers, and seafood to suit slightly smaller budgets too.

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Looking for a good meal and drink? Check out these new West Michigan Bars and Restaurants

West Michigan is a great place for foodies!

More than 35 new restaurants and bars, including Mexican restaurants, seafood restaurants, pizza joints, cocktail lounges, and more have opened up in West Michigan in the past year.

How many have you been to?

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