One of my favorite shows back in the day was Man vs. Food.

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It was hosted by Adam Richman who would travel to different cities and take on outrageous food challenges.

The show even came to West Michigan to take on the Whitecaps 5/3 Burger Challenge

Recently a professional food eater came to Michigan and took on five different food challenges in five days.

Randy Santel Takes On Five Michigan Food Challenges In Five Days

Randy Santel is a competitive eater and professional food challenger known for his participation in various food challenges and eating competitions.

He gained popularity through his YouTube channel and website, where he documents his food challenge experiences and shares videos of his eating feats.

Last week he took to social media to share that he would be taking on five Michigan food challenges in five days.

Watch: Pro Eater Randy Santel Takes On 5 Michigan Food Challenges In 5 Days

Randy took on five different food challenges while in Michigan.

Here are the places he went and the challenges he took on.

Benny DiCarta's in Kalamazoo 28" Pizza Challenge

Corner Bar in Rockford "Hall of Fame" Chili Hot Dog Challenge

The "Boss Logg" Burger Challenge at Meat BBQ in Lansing, MI

North Grove Brewers in Montague "Knockout" Pizzas & Grinder Eating Challenge

Dawn's "Big Ben" Breakfast Challenge

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