To quote the hit TV series the X-Files: They're out there. And maybe I want to believe.

The X-Files
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Okay, the mystery of if there is life beyond Earth is a constant battle between the believers and the factualists.

Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash
Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash

But for those who believe in life out there, trying to find the proof that we're not alone becomes an adventure worth traveling to experience for yourself. And if you're looking to see a UFO in the month of October, Michigan is one of the best places to be.

Based on data from the National UFO Reporting Center, the travel experts at Travel Lens have determined the best states to visit in the US for alien enthusiasts.

Are there aliens in Michigan?

That's debatable.


However, there have been 3,485 reported sightings of UFOs in the Mitten State since data started being collected.

What UFOs or aliens have people spotted in Michigan?

There have been several famous reports of Unidentified Flying Objects over Michigan skies over the years. Most recently, earlier in 2022 there were several objects spotted outside of Detroit

Most famously, however, was the hotbed of UFO activity that happened in 1966 in Dexter, Michigan.

This event was so famous that the University of Michigan made an entire mini-documentary about the events that happened.

Where is the best place to go if you want to see UFOs?

In Michigan, it appears that most of our UFO activity happens on the east side of the state, with a few cases appearing in the UP.


However, if you want to go to the best place nationwide, you'd assume it's Area 51 in Nevada, but you'd be incorrect. California is the state with the most UFO sightings, sitting at over 15,000 reports since 1998.

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