After winning $842.4 million from the lottery ticket sold at Food Castle in Grand Blanc earlier this year, no one has come forward to claim it yet. How is this even possible?

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It's wild to think that someone could be sitting on a ticket worth so much money and not even know they won. It's also possible that they're being smart (though doubtful) about the whole thing and figuring out their finances before claiming the money. There's also the unfortunate chance that the mystery person simply lost the ticket and didn't even realize they won.

The good thing is that the unknown winner still has plenty of time to claim their massive winnings. The person must claim their winnings by New Year's Day 2025.

What Happens to the Lottery Winnings if No One Claims It?

If no one claims the prize by New Year's Day 2025, the money will then go to the School Aid Fund. Does this mean Michigan schools will receive $842 million? No, it's very confusing as to how the money is actually distributed. However, some of the money will go to Michigan schools, while the rest will be distributed in ways that seem unclear to the public.

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According to ABC 12, Food Castle has a stake in the drawing as well, as they stand to gain a $50,000 payout solely if the winner comes forward.

If no one claims the $842 million, it would be the largest unclaimed jackpot ever in Michigan history.

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