Easter is right around the corner, which means Michigan families will get to spend some much-needed time together. Well, that is unless you have to work.

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It's sometimes hard to believe that not every major chain is closed on Easter Sunday. However, we have to take into consideration that not everyone celebrates Easter.

It's hard not to feel that companies are only staying open due to greed, but if there's a demand to be open, some will.

Many Michiganders will spend the day doing home improvement projects but that can be challenging if they can't run out to Home Depot, Lowes, or even Ace Hardware.

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Easter falls on Sunday, March 31st this year, and a handful of companies will close for the day to allow employees to spend time with their families.

What Stores Will Be Closed on Easter Sunday 2024


German Supermarket Chain Aldi To Buy Winn-Dixie And Harveys Supermarkets
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While you won't be able to pick up any groceries at Aldi on Easter, you will be able to shop at Walmart and Meijer.


Costco's Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations
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Costco will be closed on Easter Sunday.


Lowe's Reports Quarterly Earnings That Beat Expectations
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All Lowe's stores will be closed on Easter. However, if you still need to make a home improvement run, you can visit Home Depot as they'll be open all day. Ace Hardware stores are independently operated, so store closures may vary.


Macy's To Close 150 Stores
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Macy's will be closed on Easter.


TJX Cos. Posts 48 Percent Profit Increase
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Sorry, Marshalls and HomeGoods will be closed on Easter Sunday.


Target To Close Stores In Several Cities Due To Theft And Violence
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While competitors like Walmart and Meijer will be open on Easter, Target will not be.

TJ Max

TJ Maxx's Parent Company Reports Quarterly Earnings
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TJ Max will also be closed.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club To Close Over 60 Stores
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While Sunday is typically a busy shopping day at Sam's Club, that won't be the case on Easter Sunday as all stores will be closed.

Source: USA Today

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