People in Michigan suck at reading text messages.

It has happened to everyone. You'll be in the middle of a text conversation with someone and then all of a sudden, poof, the person on the other end is gone. While this happens in every state, people in Michigan are some of the worst offenders in the United States.

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Good Ole Michigan is unfortunately filled with people who just flat-out ignore text messages. This can be infuriating when you are trying to have an important conversation. But, how bad is Michigan when it comes to not opening text messages?

Sadly, Michigan ranks number five in the nation when it comes to the most unread text messages each day. On average, Michigan residents have a total of 4.86 unread texts on their phones each day, according to a study by 

States with the most unread texts per day.

Here are the top 10 states in the nation with the most unread texts per day on average:

  1. California - 5.61 unread texts daily
  2. Kentucky - 5.24 unread texts daily
  3. West Virginia - 4.90 unread texts daily
  4. South Carolina - 4.88 unread texts daily
  5. Michigan - 4.86 unread texts daily
  6. Georgia - 4.80 unread texts daily
  7. North Carolina - 4.48 unread texts daily
  8. Connecticut - 4.46 unread texts daily
  9. Louisiana - 4.30 unread texts daily
  10. Mississippi - 4.20 unread texts daily

State with the fewest unread texts per day.

You're more likely to have your text read if you send it to someone in the following states:

  1. Maine - 2.24 unread texts daily
  2. Arizona - 2.39 unread texts daily
  3. Alabama - 2.78 unread texts daily
  4. Idaho - 2.84 unread texts daily
  5. Oregon and Texas- 3.08 unread texts daily (tie)
  6. Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Utah - 3.16 unread texts daily

Source: Secure Data Recovery

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