On June 30th, 6-year-old Lillian Chitwood was playing in the backyard of her grandparents' home. Suddenly, the neighbors pit bull got out of their fence, and attacked Lillian.

It was her big brother, Nicholas, who ended up coming to her defense, and ultimately saved her life.

I didn’t want her to die,

Nicholas told WILX.

According to a report done by WILX, the dog was biting Lillian on the face. The pit bull ended up leaving her with multiple near-fatal wounds including a cut on her neck three centimeters from an artery.

Their report also states that doctors have told the family that Lillian will be left with extensive nerve damage to her face, requiring additional surgeries.

The family has since started a GoFundMe.

We were transported to university of Michigan for extensive surgery. I found out that the owners did not have renters insurance and are refusing to help with anything. The road ahead for my daughter is going to be long one, and numerous trips to University of Michigan which is a few hours away. This will require time off of work, and numerous medical bills for who knows how long, not to mention the mental aspect of this traumatizing experience for my baby girl

The GoFundMe description states.

For now, Lillian's vision is OK, but the family is waiting to find out what kind of long term effects there may be down the road.

The dog who attacked Lillian was euthanized by animal control.

Donate to the young girl and her family here.

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