Will Mother Nature be snowing on our parade this year?

Halloween is six days away and the weather forecasts throughout Michigan cities are not looking good right now. Depending on which outlet you use for weather updates, you may see possible snow heading Michigan's way for Halloween 2023.

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There's nothing worse for a kid on Halloween than snow. Every kid is super excited about getting in their costume and showing it off to the world while collecting a bunch of candy. However, the fun gets sucked right out of the whole thing when that very costume has to be covered by a winter coat.

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Halloween in Michigan can be accompanied by great weather and terrible weather. Some years we get great temperatures and clear skies and some years we get snow and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this year may be the latter of the two.

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Depending on where you are in the Mitten, you may or may not be getting a little snow on Halloween this year. Even though the forecast may change (as it does every 10 minutes in this state,) you can pretty much plan on needing the hand warmers and thicker jackets. Check out what the forecasts look like below for some of the major cities in Michigan on Halloween (according to weather.com at 11:30 a.m. on 10/25/23.)

Halloween 2023 Weather Forecasts in Michigan

  • Flint
    • High: 40º
    • Intervals of clouds and sunshine in the morning. Mostly cloudy later in the day
    • 4% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 26º overnight
  • Detroit
    • High: 42º
    • Partly cloudy skies
    • 5% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 30º overnight
  • Grand Rapids
    • High: 39º
    • A mix of light rain and snow later in the day.
    • 50% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 28º overnight
  • Lansing
    • High: 39º
    • Partly to mostly cloudy.
    • 10% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 26º overnight
  • Ann Arbor
    • High: 40º
    • Intervals of clouds and sunshine.
    • 9% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 25º overnight
  • Traverse City
    • High: 38º
    • Snow showers in the morning turning into rain and snow mix in the afternoon.
    • 41% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 33º overnight
  • Saginaw
    • High: 40º
    • Sun in the morning followed by increasing clouds in the afternoon.
    • 5% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 27º overnight
  • Port Huron
    • High: 41º
    • Sun in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. A few flurries or snow showers possible.
    • 15% chance of precipitation
    • Temps dipping to 29º overnight

It will definitely be a cold night for trick-or-treaters, but hopefully, there won't be much snow. We will just have to wait and see.

Source: Weather.com

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