The Powerball lottery drawing is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 19th, and the jackpot is huge!

Everyone is thinking about what they would do if they won that massive amount of money in the lottery. Buy a new house. Pay off debt. Move away and never be seen again. The possibilities are endless, but have you ever wondered which Michigan-based celebrities you would be richer than if you won the lottery and stayed right here in Michigan?

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Tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot is estimated to be around $1 billion! If you were lucky enough to win it, you would immediately be richer than a lot of Michigan celebrities. For the sake of argument, let's break down the numbers below.

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If you were to win $1 billion and take the lump sum payout, you would roughly receive $520,000,000, according to Now let's take that amount and compare it to Michigan celebrities and their net worth. Check out which celebrities would be lower on the list than you below.

***NOTE: All the net worths of the celebrities listed below were found on 

Uncle Kracker - $5 Million

2012 BamaJam Music and Arts Festival - Day 3
Getty Images

Ted Nugent - $10 Million

Donald Trump Campaigns For Re-Election In Michigan
Getty Images

Terry Crews - $25 Million

Verizon Launches myPlan With Terry Crews
Getty Images for Verizon

Michael Moore - $30 Million

Closing Ceremony - The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival
Getty Images

Jeff Daniels - $45 Million

The 73rd Annual Tony Awards Meet The Nominees Press Day
Getty Images for Tony Awards Pro

Bob Seger - $60 Million

The Billboard Touring Awards
Getty Images

Tim Allen - $100 Million

Disney+ Original Series "The Santa Clauses" Premiere
Getty Images

Kid Rock - $150 Million

NASCAR Cup Series 64th Annual Daytona 500
Getty Images

Eminem - $250 Million

2022 MTV VMAs – Show
Getty Images for MTV/Paramount G

Madonna - $850 Million

65th GRAMMY Awards - Show
Getty Images

Okay so maybe you wouldn't end up richer than Madonna, but for a split second before you took any money, you still "had" $1 billion. Stay humble. Either way, good luck and don't forget to buy your tickets!


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