Genesee County, Michigan's December restaurant inspections wrapped up 2023 with several more perfect inspections, those are listed, by city, below.

If you're looking for the list of restaurants with violations -- there is a boatload of information associated with each restaurant. You can find that information, by city and restaurant, by clicking here.

Not many sit-down restaurants made the cut in December. Many had issues with dirty kitchens or not storing food safely.

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Fast food reigned supreme with cleanliness. Below, you'll find the list of the perfect restaurants in Genesee County for December 2023.

Perfect restaurants in Genesee County, Michigan

Burton 5 out of 9 restaurant inspections

Hungry Howie's 2456 S Center Rd

Rallys G-3514 S Saginaw St

IMA Brookwood Golf Course G-6045 Davison Rd

Hungry Howies Pizza G-4495 Fenton Rd

Brother's Brunch House G-4145 Davison Rd


Clio 5 out of 9 inspections

Arbys 4229 W Vienna Rd

Subway of Clio 4254 Vienna Rd

Rallys 4514 W Vienna Rd

11/11 Burgers & Fries 4323 W Vienna RD Suite 8

Applebee's 4469 W Vienna Rd


Davison 5 out of 12 inspections

Burger King G-1084 S State St

Happy Days Nutrition LLC 1063 S State St

Taco Bell 1153 State RD

Taco Bell 1232 S Irish RD

Kentucky Fried Chicken 10018 Lapeer Rd

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Fenton 7 out of 22 inspections

Jimmy Johns 3208 W Silver Lake Rd

Hungry Howie's 1003 N Leroy

Halo Burger 1355 N Leroy

Jersey Mikes Subs 3409 Owen RD 100

Wing Snob 15254 Silver PKWY

The Barn 715 Torrey Rd

The Last Level Bar & Games 14283 N Fenton RD South Unit


Flint 19 out of 48 inspections

McDonald's 6015 Hill 23 DR S

McAlister's Deli 4034 Miller RD

Starbucks Coffee Co. G-3243 Miller Rd

Tropical Smoothie Café 2103 S Linden Rd

Jimmy Johns 3292 S Linden Rd

King Arthur's Pasties 1261 N Ballenger HWY

Subway 2455 W Hill Rd

McDonald's 4131 W Pierson Rd

Five Guys Burgers and Fries 4146 Miller RD Suite C

Panda Express 4409 Miller RD

On Tap Incorporated 1835 Tower St

Poppos Barbecue 6474 Bray RD

Vibez (Power Team 69 LLC) 5533 N Saginaw St

Flint Fresh Fish 2501 W Pierson Rd

The Woodlands 5111 Woodlands CT

Mr. Prince Gourmet 722 Loyola DR

McDonald's 3212 Clio Rd

Cottage Inn Pizza Flint 3243 Miller RD Ste B

Habachi Buffet 3022 S Linden Rd


Flushing 2 out of 4 inspections

Milano's Pizza 6500 Pierson RD #4&5

Cottage Inn Pizza Flushing 6390 W Pierson RD Ste C

Goodrich 0 out of 1 inspection

Grand Blanc 16 out of 22 inspections

Taco Bell 1040 E Hill RD

King Arthur's Pasties 2259 E Hill Rd

Biggby Coffee 2223 E Hill RD

Bubble Bee Tea LLC 130 Perry RD Suite A

Applebee's 1400 E Hill Rd

Guidos Premium Pizza 545 E Grand Blanc, Ste 7 RD

Burger King 11325 S Saginaw

Starbucks Coffee 1054 E Hill RD

Jersey Mikes Subs 1048 E Hill RD

Mexi Crunch 8200 Tewksbury Pl

Hungry Howies 11565 S Saginaw St

Starbucks Coffee 11355 S Saginaw St

Cottage Inn Pizza 12830 S Saginaw St Suite H

Subway 12500 S Saginaw

McAlister's Deli 11346 S Saginaw St

Buffalo Wild Wings 8251 Trillium CIR


Linden 0 out of 0 inspections

Montrose 1 out of 1 inspection

Taco Bell 250 E State St

Mt. Morris 0 out of 1 inspection

Otisville 2 out of 2 inspections

Taco Bell 229 S State St

McDonalds 213 N State

Swartz Creek 0 out of 4 inspections

Congrats to the operators and teams dedicated to cleanliness and food safety for their guests.

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